RENNES LE CHÂTEAU - The Awakening of the Priestess - Reactivating old memories - Nancy Safford - v.anglaise (USA) - 41 LR FILM

Nancy was called to explore the mystical Languedoc, to expand her own consciousness by the powerful magic and legacies hidden in the land. Her primary focus was not only on the Holy Grail Mysteries recorded there, but on Mary Magdalene, who is closely aligned with these mysteries and whose essence and memory were left here long ago when she walked and taught. Nancy welcomes each of you to join her on any of her group journeys offered this year and she also offers private journeys, for those preferring one. Is a spiritual guide dedicated to empowering others to connect with their soul essence and Divine purpose on the planet. She is an author, clairvoyant reader, a Shamanic healing practitioner and an ordained Priestess of Isis through the Fellowship of Isis, facilitating men and women to awaken to their male/female dynamic within, their Priest/Priestess or God/Goddess selves, to embrace a more conscious, authentic relationship in their lives.

My book coming out in fall 2016

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Malgorzata Debowska
Image et montage
Konstanty Udala
Hans-André Stamm

Production et Distribution
5, Grand Rue des Thermes
11190 Rennes-les-Bains
Tél : (33) 04 68 69 87 23
mob : 06 86 99 38 79
SIRET 444 113 286

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Mary Magdalene in Cathar Country - Marilyn Summer - 59 FA FILM ( only in English )

"In the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene in Cathar Country" with Marilyn Summer.

It was my pleasure to create this beautiful film with Debowska Productions to take you with me to this beloved area of France where I have been coming for so many years.

Guilar castle, Queribus castle, Peyrepertuse castle, Montsegur.
• You will discover the Mary Magdalene story and the Essene teachings
The Mary Magdalene church in Rennes-le-Chateau
• The story of the priest Berenger Sauniere and his treasure
• Bugarach, the upside down mountain and UFO landing pad
• The Black Madonna and sacred feminine archetype
in Notre Dame de Marceille in Limoux
• The walled city of Carcassonne
• Alet-les-Bains : the Nostradamus house and the link to Rennes-le-Chateau

Marilyn Summer, M.A., French language and literature :
Sacred Sites tours and retreats in France
French lessons for groups and individuals, Yoga, Travel

Contact : Marilyn Summer
808-442-2577 in Hawaii
0652272340 in France

“A Practical Guide to Spiritual France” book on Amazon

Producer : Malgorzata Debowska

Cinematography : Konstanty Udala

Music : Hans-André Stamm,
© Eufonia Hans-André Stamm, Edelrather Wed 192, D-51375 Leverkusen

Debowska Films Productions
Tél : (33) 04 68 69 87 23

SIRET 444 113 286 000 25

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MARY MAGDALENE - The Awakening of the Eternal Feminine - Nadine-Sarah PENNA - In French with English sub-titles. - 21 FA FILM

In this superb setting in Provence, at Sainte- Baume, I’ll take you in the footsteps of the Eternal Feminine personified by Mary Magdalene’s presence in this sacred area. This place is not only a religious site, but a sacred mountain where the Great Mother Goddess was honored for a very long time. A sacred site of worship and fertility rites, this film is invitation to every woman to honor herself as the Stewardess of Life that she has been since the beginning of time.

Nadine PENNA

Guide in the Aude region.
Channel, plant aromatherapy enthusiast, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner.
"Beyond training, I listen to my heart and what is there in order to allow the Emergence of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine of each individual. Through being and feeling, I do consultations, courses, workshops, and initiatory voyages for those who chose to access their own personal legend."

Courses :
"Daughters of the Goddess"
"Lunar Cycles or Voyage to the Heart of the Womb and Feminine Identity"
"The Power of Love"

Understanding the particularities of the menstrual cycle allows a woman to interact with it and live in conscious awareness of the mystery of Life which speaks through the feminine body. Thus each woman, through knowing her lunar cycles and energetic movements they generate, can reconnect to her Essence with sensuality and creativity. From there, her belly is all the memory stored in her body which expresses itself by freeing the memories and manifesting the beliefs held in it. Thus, in the company of other women, in the gentleness of their warm welcoming and in the tenderness of their support, a process of Emergence into her Self happens through the Love of United Sisterhood.

Contact :

Nadine PENNA :
06 74 83 42 51


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